These Terms & Conditions set forth the conditions under which is offered to customers. By purchasing an eSIM from by Gigago, you agree that these Terms & Conditions form a contract between you – our customer, and (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, or “Company”).


1. Nature of service provides USA and regional travel eSIM profiles (the “eSIM”), to travelers who plan to visit USA and other countries and wish to be kept connected in the destination.

The eSIM is provided in the form of a QR Code, not a physical SIM card, and it works on eSIM-supported mobile devices only, which have been clearly listed here.

2. Prices

We are offering USA mobile data plans (both local and regional) in the form of eSIM.

The fees of products and services on our website may be amended from time to time.

Our plans allow you to use a certain amount of data in a certain amount of time. Besides, some of our plans come with local phone numbers, which can be used to receive or make voice calls and SMS, followed by the conditions coming with each plan. This means you will never be billed any additional charges for data.

3. Payment

We accept Paypal payment and shall not be responsible for any bank charge (if any) arising from your payment for our products.

In case there is any Invoice dispute, the client shall deliver a written statement to no later than 7 days before the date payment is due on the disputed invoice, which lists all disputed items and provides a reasonably detailed description of each disputed item.

The amount not being disputed or confirmed by a final court judgment shall be deemed accepted and paid, notwithstanding disputes on other items, within 7 days. We shall seek to resolve all the disputes expeditiously and in good faith.

4. Cancellation

In case you need to cancel your order payment, you can do so without penalty before your eSIM QR code has been delivered to your email. After your eSIM QR code has been delivered, you cannot cancel your payment or can only be refunded if there is any error related to our eSIM, which has been communicated to but cannot be fixed by our Support Team.

► See more on our main Cancellation and Refund page.

5. Policy for fair usage of data communication

When the local network provider in the country you are staying during your trip identifies a massive volume of data usage, the communication volume for the used line may be limited without any notice so as to maintain the quality of the network and fair usage of radio waves. Due to this, the internet connection may be unstable, lost or speed may reduce.